you should ideally familiarize yourself with the weeks 7 8 9 and 10 assignments and the second r and r studio assignment before submitting this assignment 1

  1. Introduction – restate the research question. Write “Findings TBA”.
  2. Economic Theory and Related Literature: find one “good” economic study that involved any sort of statistical analysis. Provide the bibliographic reference to the study; it should have been published in a reputable scholarly journal, (such as those indexed in EconLit or JSTOR) and which relates to your research question. Describe the economic hypothesis that this study tested.
  3. Data – In a sentence or two, describe the data (I know most people are using the ACS data, for PUMA 0608511, but imagine you are writing this for a reader other than the instructor of your course who doesn’t know what this means). Describe the outcome variable, and how you will be separating the data into two groups.
  4. Analysis – write “Difference-in-means hypothesis test results TBD.”
  5. Conclusion – write “TBA”.
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