writing paper 67

This assignment will help you plan ahead for the intermediate draft. By doing more work now, you save yourself time later.

You will do this by finding four sources on your stakeholder, your stakeholder’s values/goals, and/or visual rhetoric. Then you will:

  1. Provide an APA or MLA-style citation for each source.
  2. Summarize the article in 1-2 sentences.
  3. Explain in 1-2 sentences how you plan to use the article in your paper.
  4. Pull out 2 quotes from each article that you think are helpful.

Remember, you’re doing this for each of your four scholarly sources.

For example:

Corder, J.W. (1985). Argument as emergence, rhetoric as love. Rhetoric Review, 4(1). 16-32.

Jim Corder (1985) challenges traditional connotations of argumentation as violent. Instead, he offers rhetors a different way to mediate discourse.

I will use this article to support the National Communication Association’s choice of the word “mediate” to discuss contextual design.

“They do not, I believe, face the flushed, feverish, quaky, shaky, angry, scared, hurt, shocked, disappointed, alarmed, outraged, even terrified condition that a person comes to when his or her narrative is opposed” (21).

“…arguers can learn to abandon authoritative positions. They cannot be achieved, at any rate, except as in arrogance, ignorance, and dogma we convince ourselves that we have achieved authority (29).

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