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William week 5 discussion 2

Visit Technology – POLICE Magazine and look for new technology that is being used by law enforcement around the United States.  Locate an article concerning technology and address the following:  Explain what the new technology is and how it is helping law enforcement agencies. 

A new technology that should be added into the policeman’s war bag is the “The Dräger DrugTest 5000” mobile oral fluid screening system.  This non-invasive method is allowing officers to screen suspects in the field for the following seven most commonly abused drugs: THC, amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, benzodiazepines, opiates, and methadone (Rennick, 2013).  This hassle free process will reduce the amount of embarrassment and related force issues that can occur when collecting urine or blood samples by only swabbing the suspect’s mouth with a cotton swab, instead of potentially forcing a blood sample from an uncooperative suspect.  This technology is important because many drivers go free from traffic stops because of the hassle officers deal with when testing or confirming that a driver is under the influence of drugs.  The amount of red tape and the fact that not every officer is trained in this area causes officer to not want to deal with the process.  Alcohol testing for DUI’s are different because the testing process has been dialed down to a science over the years and is a much easier process to administer.  With designer drugs becoming more prevalent in our society, this new technology will make it easier to determine if someone is under the influence, which will improve the safety of drivers on the roadway.  This technology is improving and become more prevalent in agencies throughout the United States.

Choose two new technologies (different from the new technology explained previously), either from Technology – POLICE Magazine or Chapter Fourteen, that you think law enforcement should obtain and adopt. Explain why you think this technology is necessary for advanced law enforcement communities. 

A technology that should be adopted into the arsenal of every agency is the “License Plate Recognition Reader.”  This systems works by mounting cameras on top of a patrol car and as vehicles pass by the system, it takes a picture of the license plate from either a vehicle in the front or a vehicle parked on the side of a road.  Immediately, the system runs the license plate through the data base to determine if it’s a stolen vehicle or there is a warrant attached to the vehicle (Peak, 2012).  When I was working patrol, my vehicle was equipped with a License Plate Reader.  This tool was very useful during investigations, where a vehicle was involved.  I have arrested many people from warrants located by this system and have located many stolen vehicles as well.  I have also used this system during major incidents’ such as murders and robbery investigations by patrolling around the scene immediately after the incident, which allowed for the license plate reader to record all vehicles in the area.  In one particular case, we were able to arrest a person partially based on his testimony claiming he was not in the vicinity during the crime, however, my license plate reader took a picture of his vehicle parked around the corner.  Many people don’t like the idea that we take pictures of all vehicles, but I think the benefit of this technology will help resolve more crimes and locate dangerous wanted criminals.

Another technology that should be adopted is the Safety Vision’s in-car video system called the “ICOP PRO.” This system includes a mobile DVR, monitors, two dash cameras, microphone, and body camera.  The recording device downloads information to a lockable SD card to prevent intentional and unintentional damage to the information.  Video cameras are mounted facing the front of the vehicle and one towards the back seat of the patrol car. This technology is one of the smallest patrol camera systems on the market. This technology is the future of law enforcement because it clearly shows through video and audio, the true facts of an incident.  These cameras not only protect officers from false claims of abuse of power, but it also protects citizens from the small percent of officers who abuse their powers. This camera system also reinforces professional conduct and officer accountability, while also encouraging the public to be courteous and respectful toward officer’s (Safety Vision, 2015).


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Safety Vision (2015).  Law Enforcement Mobile Solutions.  Police In-Car Video Systems & Dash & Body Camera Solutions – Safety Vision. Retrieved from http://www.safetyvision.com/law-enforcement/.

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