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Police officers are granted qualified immunity, meaning that as long as they acted in good faith and their conduct was reasonable, they have a defense. Over the years, the courts have struggled to develop a test for what is meant by “good faith.” In 1975, the Supreme Court developed a test that considered both what the officer’s state of mind was at the time of the act in question (the subjective element) and whether the officer’s act violated clearly established legal rights (the objective element).22 Overzealous conduct that is not undertaken in good faith and that occurs without regard for the rights of citizens can and will result in a finding of liability.

Question 10. 10. One element the complaining citizen’s actions is used by courts to determine whether a police officer acted in “good faith” is (Points : 

the officer’s state of mind.

the officer’s training.

the complaining citizen’s actions.

the complaining citizen’s injuries

Question 2. 2. law enforcement officers are most susceptible to litigation and liability as an outgrowth of their work is

  parole and probation officers.
  law enforcement officers.

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