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Officer Stress week 3 discussion 2 (Am)

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Employee assistance programs are a part of the benefit package that an employer offers. Its purpose is to provide employees and their family members with help for many different situations (University of Oklahoma, 2015). The program works by enabling the employee to find the best resources for their problem. By looking at the University of Oklahoma’s Human Resource Department and the Employee Assistance Program, the employee would work with someone from the program to determine what exactly is the problem and the best way to overcome it. In addition to receiving help, any information given stays confidential. According to the textbook, a good wellness program should have five areas: “physical fitness, stress management, psychological and mental health, nutrition and dietary related behaviors, and alcohol/chemical dependency” (Peak, 2012). When looking at the orientation of the Employee Assistance Program, there were several aspects that were found to be helpful. The OU Employee Assistance Program offers help for some of these problems and for those not listed above. Overall, the program is helpful because employees can get the help they need, without it being broadcast. When thinking of law enforcement officers, the parts of the program that should be expanded is how an officer manages stress, how they deal with alcohol or drug problems, and any issues they may have occurring in their work and/or their personal life. However, it is unclear if the program offers assistance for nutrition and dietary needs, physical fitness, and psychological and mental help. Therefore, if these areas are not included, the program should expand to offer help for these, along with additional areas.  I do believe that a comprehensive wellness plan or an employee assistance program can help an officer with stress, as long as they use it. Programs can only be effective if they are put to use. Officers may choose not to partake n these types of programs because they might let their pride get in the way of asking for help.

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University of Oklahoma. (2015). Employee Assistance Programs. Retrieved from OU Healthy Sooners: http://healthysooners.ouhsc.edu/programs/eap.aspx

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