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Question 9. 9. Although total drivers in the U.S. are evenly divided between males and females, ________ and _________drivers will be stopped at a much higher rate by the police. (Points : 1)

  female / old
  male / young
  insured / intoxicated
  reckless driving / employed

report by the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics stated that there are 193 million drivers in the United States and that each year about 16.8 million, or 8.7 percent, of 180181those who are over age sixteen will be stopped by the police. Although the number of drivers is evenly divided between males and females, males (60.8 percent) are stopped by police at a much higher rate than females (39.2 percent); furthermore, young drivers (ages sixteen to twenty-four) are more likely to be stopped by the police (26 percent of the total). About six in ten persons who are stopped are ticketed for a violation.57

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