Write the summary of the following article

Write the summary of the following article:

Campaniello, Nadia, Rowena Gray, and Giovanni Mastrobuoni. “Returns to education in criminal organizations: Did going to college help Michael Corleone?.” Economics of Education Review 54 (2016): 242-258.

The article is attached. Details on font, structure of the summary, spacing, etc. are available in the syllabus.

Do NOT write more than ONE page, but make sure to provide enough detail

Note: don not copy sentences directly from the article, it is plagiarism.

Summary should include: 1. Basic information: your name, your section number, the title of the paper and the authors of the paper; 2. Research question: What is the paper about? What question are the authors trying to answer in this paper? Note: Do not copy it directly from the paper, summarize it with your own words. 3. Methodology: How do the authors answer the research question? Do they use a theoretical model or analyze real data (what data do they use)? What is the method they use? 4. Conclusion. What are the main results of this paper; 5. Opinion: Was there something you liked/found interesting in this paper? Was there something you didn’t like about the paper? Opinion part should not be more than ¼ of the summary. Methodology and conclusions should be the largest part of the summary. The due date for any reading cannot be extended for any reason. However you are allowed to miss one reading in a semester without any penalty to your grade (a “free” reading).

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