write short answers 2

Please read two readings and answer the following questions.

Reading 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id= …

Question: .

1. Which year was the original text published? What were some key movements in the art world and in the European society at large at that time?

2. Describe the characteristics of the two weapons painting has at her disposal.

3. What is Kandinsky’s view on artist’s attempt to copy an object exactly?

4. Discuss Kandinsky’s idea of the second problem of composition, namely the creation of the single elements which are to compose the whole.

5. Of what elements is the ‘inner need’ built up?

6. Explain what Kandinsky means by ‘pure artistry.

7. Describe Kandinsky’s view on the relationship between theory and practice.

Reading 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QeP00EGUf4EYTvrh…


  1. How does Tom Vanderbilt define the color black and how does Sexton respond to that?
  2. What does Moten mean when he claims that Mondrian’s “great, final picture, VictoryBoogie Woogie, is all black”?
  3. What of the color black does Ad Reinhardt find interesting?
  4. How does black artists use the color black?
  5. What is Bertrand Russell’s paradox, black paradox?
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