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Lu, Huimin, et al. “Brain intelligence: go beyond artificial intelligence.” Mobile Networks and Applications 23.2 (2018): 368-375

Stone, Brooks,et al. B (2016). Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030. One hundred year study on artificial intelligence: Report of the 2015-2016 Study Panel. Stanford University, Stanford, CA, http://ai100. stanford. edu/2016-report. Accessed: September 6, 2016.

Perez, Javier Andreu, et al. “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.10813 (2018).

these are the work sited for the articles that I have choose and i will upload you with summery for each one.

(The content covered gives a live description with detailing the connection between robotics and artificial intelligence. Robotics has mostly advanced based on the developments achieved in electrical engineering, mechatronics, and computing. A combination of the technologies leads to the integration of industrial production to fit a particular environment. A robot is, therefore, able to plan some activities, execute them and also to perceive some senses. All these depend on the autonomy achieved by the builders of the robots.)

(The article that is titled “ Artificial Intelligence and Life and Life in 2030” is a study that was conducted by some of experts to conduct a detailed analysis of how AI will impact our daily lives for the next hundred years. The study projects says will be an increase in the use of AI applications such as in self-driving cars, targeted treatment and healthcare diagnostics as well as physical assistance for the elder people. AI systems can provide specific tasks but they require years of focused research in their development. Considering that people are already used to technologies such as smartphones, it is expected that there will be more personalized relationships of people and machines. More intelligent AI systems that can collaborate more with people including possibilities of people to teach robotics will be the focus.


(The article chosen is “Brain intelligence: go beyond artificial intelligence.” Artificial intelligence is a critical technology, which grow day-to-day economic activities and social life. AI has a significant impact on the substantial growth of the economy of Japan and solves several social issues. Currently, it has been the focus for growth in developing nations like India and China as well as developed countries like the United States and Europe. However, the central focus is on developing various artificial intelligence Robot technology (RT) and information communication (ICT). Also, The author talked about developing or improving BI intelligence model of learning on industrial robots, precision medical care, and automatic driving.)

please try to ask a specific question and write about. all info are in the paper that I upload it.

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