write a research paper on a topic regarding to psychology

In conjunction with the submission of Discussion Board topics, students are required to create and submit a 1,000 word-text research paper. The topic for the paper can be of any subject that is of prime interest of the student and pertains to any area of psychology. To complete this assignment, students must utilize no less than, a diversity of four (4) psychological journals/periodicals/websites (The course associated textbook and Wikipedia do not count as valid resources). Any submission that cites either or both of these as references will be given a grade of Zero (0). The websites utilized must be accredited and must not include Wikipedia or any sites related to it. All papers must be written in compliance with APA Writing Guidelines format and must conform to all standards there of. Students who are not knowledgeable of the APA standards, are to refer to the tutors within the PSC TLCCs, or on-line site that tutor in this format. Completion and submission of this assignment will account for thirty-percent (30%) of the student’s overall grade for the course. Upon completion of the paper, students are to upload their submission within the designated assignment area of the course for a grade by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 17, 2019. Should students have any question related to the completion of this assignment, they are to confer with the instructor by any means available to them and this must be done prior to completion of the assignment. Failure to complete this assignment will result in a grade of ZERO (0) for the assignment and a significant reduction of the student’s overall grade for the course. As there are no chances of a second submission, it will be to your advantage to utilize the TLCC Tutors and online writing resource service. Students are strongly encouraged to have their assignments reviewed by tutors within the TLCC or via the Smartthinking website prior to submitting it for a grade. This process will greatly increase the chance of their assignment receiving the highest grade possible. There will be NO Late Papers accepted and NO rewrites for a higher grade.

Grading Criteria for Research Paper

In conjunction to compliance with APA Writing Guidelines, the following is to be used as a guide to how the research paper assignment will be graded:

Required Non-Compliance (points loss)

Running Header on Cover Page -10 pts

Separate Cover Page -25 pts

Separate Abstract Page -15 pts

Indented Paragraphs -25 pts

Text Lines Double-Spaced -25 pts

Parenthetical References (Simplified) -20 pts

Text Meets Minimum Word Count -30 pts

Separate Reference Page -30 pts

Meeting APA Guidelines Failing Grade

URL to APA Writing Guidelines: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18…

Purdue University

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