write a research paper as following

You are required to complete an original 8-10-page research paper (NOT including title page, abstract and references) to complete the course. The research paper must contain the following:

  1. A significant problem, question or issue bearing on U.S. financial markets and institutions,
  2. Research that demonstrates the validity and applicability of the problem, question or issue in the field,
  3. A solution to the problem, question or issue or, if no solution is available, a discussion of alternatives that may be utilized and
  4. At least fifteen relevant sources from primary-source documents or reports, peer-reviewed journals or equivalent materials with substantive academic value, cited in the text and identified as references.

The research paper must adhere to APA style in all respects.

Primary issue is clearly defined. Must be topical or historically significant and directly relevant to the financial system
1 page
Identifies three key points about the problem from different stakeholder views and embeds financial analysis in the narrative
2-3 pages
Generates at least three alternative interpretations of potential solutions. Includes a description of the cost/benefits/implications/dependencies/timeline/etc. of each. 2-3 pages
Financially analyzes and evaluates alternatives with appropriate decision criteria
1-2 pages
Effective utilization of relevant quantitative comparison (Financially compare the options to each other.)
1 page
Selects one alternate as solution and develops action/implementation plan
1-2 pages
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