write a paper on the value of ig and best practices for ig that will be employed in bed bath amp beyond and discuss the justification for each one

Write a Paper on the Value of IG and Best practices for IG that will be employed in Bed Bath & Beyond and discuss the justification for each one.

This topic is related to Information Governance in Bed Bath & Beyond. In the Given attachment we were given with the brief outline of the current situation in Bed Bath & Beyond. And we need to assume that Bed Bath & Beyond hired you as the new chief information officer (CIO) to help the company become a global e-commerce multinational company, increase sales and operational efficiency.

We need to write a paper (5 Pages) and (5 Power point slides for the same content which you wrote) Explaining the Value of Information Governance and need to Propose best practices for information governance that will be employed in Bed Bath & Beyond by discussing the justification for each one.

Please Note: The Paper should be in a proper APA format and that should be Plagiarism free.

Also please try to take at least 3 scholarly articles as reference.

This Should be Plagiarism Free please. Very strict on this.

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