write a 700 discussion paper on the video and topic listed below

For the purposes of this assignment, Please watch the following video in its entirety: BLACK & BLUE: Hip Hop Cops https://youtu.be/hPXjLUyYnpE . Please provide me a synopsis of the film, including your own critique. What are your thoughts on the 500 page Dossier? Are Hip Hop artists being unlawfully profiled by law enforcement, or is it just intelligence gathering and good police work?

Include a minimum of three external sources in your final paper and make sure to properly cite the selected resources using APA style. Your final paper must include a cover page and a reference page, and should include a minimum of at least 700 words (not including the cover and reference page). Additionally, the final draft should be double-spaced, free of grammatical and structural errors, and include standard margins and fonts. Please remember that this assignment, as well as all of the others associated with this course, is expected to be your own original work.

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