world civilization powerpoint 1

Many scholars see the apex of Greek Civilization during the Age of Democracy in the Periclean era. However, a lot of Greece’s important contributions to society occurred between the 5thand 4thcenturies B.C. In this class, we will explore the great wars, achievements in philosophy and art, as well as culture in order to show Golden Age of Greek Civilization

Assignment: Complete the following readings and follow the directions for the assignment below

  1. Textbook: Chapter 5 – pp. 128-142
  2. Sources:

Herodotus selections from the Histories

Pericles Funeral Oration from The History of the Peloponnesian War

This week you will create a presentation or a video that demonstrates the pro’s and con’s of the democratic system initiated by the Greeks. In what ways did the system work? In what ways was it flawed? Be sure to have a well balanced presentation that uses examples from the readings.

I will give information for textbook once tutor is picked.

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