with some research try to make a report for the following set of questions

Perform a detailed research and complete the first part of your initial project report

â–« What is computer forensics and a brief history

â–« Computer forensics as an industry today

â–« What are the technical tools of computer forensics

â–« What are the important laws, rules and work procedures for computer forensics

• Come up with a “TASK”

â–« Brainstorm with your member for a simulated computer forensics task

â–« Create your scenario(incident) on which you conduct a computer forensic investigation

â–« Imagine expected challenges and approaches (potential solutions) to solve the challenges

â–« Make a step by step investigation plan, including the role of each member in the job (Project Schedule and R&R)

• Submit an initial report (min 5 pages). On you initial report, you should include

â–« Detailed research of computer forensic (max 2 pages)

â–« Introduction of your incident (describing background)

â–« A brief idea about your potential solution

â–« Project Schedule, Project Resource Planning and References

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