Why is the Harlem Renaissance to be consider a dual expression of two different societies

ASSIGNMENT #1: Choosing the idea that the Harlem Renaissance was both African American (DuBois) and the Caribbean (Garvey) with the ultimate global idea to change the identity of people of African descent in Diaspora, write an essay on the following question: Why is the Harlem Renaissance to be considered a dual expression of two different societies, one that is African American and the other that is Caribbean? Essays must include the following points:

1) a statement about symbols that were most used to help describe the conditions and further our understand identity that use the postcards seen in class or the documentary film “The African Americans: Making A Way Out of No Way” as references;

2) discussions about the social conditions which contributed to Lewis’s position about the three phases of the Renaissance using the postcards and the film; and (I will attach)

3) a thorough description of DuBois’ concept of “transformation vs. transfiguration” seen in the lives of people of African descent in the Americas.

Use Rubric #1 to write an essay of 750 words, 12 pt. pitch, in font Times New Roman one-inch margins on left/right, top and bottom and always double spaced. (chicago manual style)

Any reference to another writer’s work MUST BE CITED.

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