why is it important to collaborate with families and other team members in nonjudgmental ways to make informed decisions about interventions and life planning how will you remain nonjudgmental

Respond to student discussion:


Collaboration within the community plays a crucial role in the success of an individual with an ASD. One reason why it is so important is because once the student reaches the age of 14, a transition plan is implemented. The transition plan is put into place to encourage the student to participate in community based learning. Community based learning is used to help the individual learn a particular set of skills that will help them be successful in independent living. In discussing transition planning, it is important to not be judgemental, this is planning for the future. Like any goal, this is what you would like the individual to be able to adopt these set of skills over time. When the correct evidence based practices are implemented, this can be possible. As a professional, I feel as though I remain non-judgmental by setting goals that are age appropriate for the student but are directed toward the bigger outcome. I will direct the team towards remaining non-judgmental by supporting interventions with data.


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It is imperative we as specialists and teachers collaborate from a nonjudgmental way to make informed decisions about interventions and life planning for students because we are not able to see everything the other members of the team see. We also each have an expertise and experience to bring to the table which is valuable and important. In order to stay nonjudgmental, I keep my focus student-centered. I have actually implemented a tactic to keep myself fixated on supporting the student. The first strategy is having my students create a student-led IEP team meeting and the second strategy is to project pictures of the student during the IEP team meeting. I feel by doing both of these things I keep myself focused on the support of the student rather than thinking about the negatives or judging what other service providers or stakeholders are doing. Lastly, I remain calm, professional and matter of fact when speaking in order to just get facts and collaborate to solve any problems or brainstorm ideas.

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