what role did racism play in the growth of slavery in colonial america beginning in the seventeenth century

What role did racism play in the growth of slavery in colonial America beginning in the seventeenth century?

Respond with a detailed and well-written essay that is organized around a clearly stated thesis.

(Suggested minimum length: two [2] single -spaced pages.)

Important requirement: In your essay, you must include three specific pieces of evidence taken from at least two of the secondary articles we read for class by Washington, Higginbotham, Jordan, and Morgan. (You do not have to cite page numbers, as long as you clearly acknowledge the authors in your discussion)

The book we are reading is give me Liberty an American History Eric Foner seagull volume 1 5e

I have the E-book, we have read till chapter 6 , anything before that can be use as reference , if you want to .

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