what labs would i order for my patient question 2 of the list

“I was diagnosed with Advanced testicular cancer on October 2, 1996. I had ignored the symptoms for months; pain comes with professional cycling, so it was easy to dismiss the soreness in my groin, headaches and difficulty breathing. I reluctantly went to the doctor after my testicle had swollen to three times its normal size. I owe a lot to my neighbor—a friend and doctor who insisted I get it checked out. By the time I was diagnosed, the cancer had already spread to my lungs and brain, so it is fair to say I was in bad shape.”

Lance Armstrong, From Winning the Race

Question 1: Lance Armstrong detects testicular cancer. Which drug, discussed in the Chapter 14 video (antineoplastic drugs) will the nurse prepare to give Lance? Does this drug only kill cancer cells, or can it also kill healthy fast-growing cells? How might this relate to adverse effects that Lance may experience?

Question 2: What lab tests will the nurse monitor when giving Lance an antineoplastic medication? What other assessments will the nurse perform before giving the drug?

Question 3:How will the nurse evaluate whether this drug is working?

Question 4: Lance Armstrong is in the middle of his chemotherapy treatment for testicular cancer. He is feeling weak.He is beginning to get a sore throat and has a mild fever. What drug, mentioned in the Chapter 17 Video, will the nurse prepare to give Lance to improve his neutrophil levels? How will this drug work? What will the nurse teach Lance about this drug?

Question 5: What lab tests will the nurse monitor when administering this drug to increase Lance’s neutrophil levels? What other assessments will the nurse perform before giving the drug? How will the nurse know this drug is working?

Question 6: Select one medication, outlined in Chapter 16 video, that will you expect to give Lance for his pain related to his testicular cancer? Why did you select this particular medication for Lance? (Note: There is no “right or wrong” answer here, but make sure the medication is outlined in the Chapter 16 video.Include a rationale for why you selected this medication).

Question 7: Lance’s cancer is in complete remission. He is competing in time trials to see if he can qualify for another run in the Tour de France. He comes home from training.He is tired, with achy sore muscles. The team doctor gives Lance ibuprofen.The nurse knows that ibuprofen blocks both Cox 1 and Cox 2. What are some of the adverse effects that can occur for blocking Cox 1?

Question 8:How does blocking Cox 2 help Lance’s pain?

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