what is your opinion on a current news event happening in india

-Look for a news story that interests you and find newspapers and google search the story to look for different sources on the same story. You need at least 5 sources.

-Formulate an opinion on the story and write an editorial.

-Editorial should follow the following paragraph order:

a. Paragraph 1: Introduce the story. (100-200 words)

b. Paragraph 2: Identify the conflict in the story and describe why there is a problem with the situation you describe. (200-300 words)

c. Paragraph 3: Offer your opinion. (200-300 words)

d. Paragraph 4: Conclusion and any final thoughts. (100-150 words)

-Editorials are about opinions but can and do rely on facts. Make sure

you have enough facts in your piece to support your opinion.

-Provide links to news sources that you consulted for writing the


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