what is the influence of hollywood movies on the world

Research paper (55% of total). The basic requirements and guidelines for the research project will be introduced within the first 1-2 weeks of the course. The first written part of the assignment will be due between weeks 5 and 7 of the course. The assignment will be a short paper (5‒6 pages). In this paper you will introduce your project in the context of the theoretical approaches to and positions towards globalization which will have been introduced in the assigned readings of the first weeks. This portion of the research assignment will be worth 20% of the course grade, and it will constitute the theoretical framework for your empirical research. Based on my feedback, you will need to incorporate the revised version of the first part into the final paper of 14‒16 pages, due at the end of the semester and worth 35%. All students will be required to discuss their final papers with me during office hours. The final research paper will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Strength of thesis/argument
  • Use of empirical research in support of paper’s argument
  • Grasp of theoretical issues/academic debates in secondary literature
  • Quality of writing (including clarity, flow, grammar, spelling)
  • Accuracy and consistency of citations
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