What effect did the World War II wartime experience have on African Americans

History forum part 1

Do not research on the Internet.

The answers should come from your textbook, the lectures, videos, and the research you conducted in the APUS Library.

Image result for "1943" "Women Welders"

Women welders, 1943; from artstor.org.

1.) What effect did the World War II wartime experience have on African Americans? Did their experiences help or hinder the progress toward equality in America? How were they treated during World War II? Did the government take any steps to ease discrimination against African Americans in war industries?

History forum part 2

2Essay Work: Write a Letter to Eleanor RooseveltPost a letter at least 300 words

In the Harlem Art Workshop, 1933, children carve soap models. This is from artstor.org.

Thousands and thousands of African Americans wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt for help. See this site for more information on these letters. Research this in the library or from the course bibliography. Do not research on the Internet for this exercise. Assume an African American character and write from the perspective of the character. In other words, take on the role of someone during the Roosevelt administrations writing to the First Lady. Write the letter and post it. Then, in a separate paragraph, explain why you chose to write what you did. The total number of words should be no less than 300. Students must respond, so please post this as soon as possible.

Respond at least two times. Your best two responses will be graded. When you reply, also write in character. Take the role of a government official. Grading will be with the grading rubric for essays. Therefore, you cannot use the textbook or encyclopedias. You must cite and use at least one academic source from the library.

Here are some websites to help you.

Eleanore Roosevelt and Civil Rights, George Washington University

“Please Help US Mr. President”: Black Americans Write to FDR

Also, google: Black Americans write Eleanor Roosevelt. You will see multiple images of actual letters written to the First Lady.

Do not use any other Internet sources without specific permission from your instructor.

Business 310 assignments 5Prompt

What criteria do you recommended to determine the credibility of a source of information?


Develop a list of no less than 10 elements you would use to determine the credibility of facts, articles, websites, news, etc.

Thoroughly explain each element and why it is important

Your response can take the form of a table in Word or PowerPoint presentation.

Include at least 3 credible references to support your recommendations

Economic 310 assignments 5

This is an excerpt from
The Next Convergence: The Future of Economic Growth in a Multispeed World
, which was published this week.


Assignment: Read the article “What are China’s Next Steps?” then find additional articles in the library on the topic of the transition of the Chinese economy. Write a 500 to 750 word paper in APA format discussing:

1.1.How do you classify China’s economic system, as it currently exists?

2.2.Has China’s economy undergone a transition? Explain your rationale.

3.3.What is driving the China economy’s enormous growth in recent years?

4.4.Has currency manipulation been a factor? Why not, or how so?

5.5.Will this success continue into the foreseeable future? If not, what might derail it?

Be sure to support your opinions with properly cited and referenced sources.

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