what are your opinions on the notion of a relationship between organizations for profit and not for profit and consumers

Please conduct Internet research to better understand the role of customer relationship management. Discuss what you found in relation to the Module 2 chapters. What are your opinions on the notion of a ‘relationship’ between organizations (for profit and not-for-profit) and consumers.


In your initial posting (due no later than 11:59pm PT on the Sunday before the deadline, please, briefly, summarize the TedTalk, and provide, more thoroughly, your perspective on how firms perhaps exploit our loyal relationships with them and their products. This is not a forum where we talk about politics or any of that polar nonsense nor about conspiracy. This is a new era of doing business and this is a common discussion that we try to get our mind around. Keep the conversation on relationship marketing. In grading I will look for reference to the relevant chapters as well as appropriate ‘marketing’ terminology. After the initial deadline please respond to at least three others before Module 2 closes. An initial posting and three decent response postings will earn a passing grade on this assignment. More, and higher quality, postings and arguments will earn higher grades.

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