What are the three most important parts of the evidence based management approach

A minimum of 250 words is required for each question. Please make sure you use proper academic sources and proper APA standards for each answer. A minimum of two outside sources are required for each question. (5 questions)

1. What are the three most important parts of the evidence-based management approach? How can they be implemented in staffing settings?

2. What are the consequences of a poor person-job fit? What are the consequences of a poor person-organization fit?

3. Describe the difference between an employee and an independent contractor, and when employers would make use of each form of legal relationship with people who perform work for them.

4. What are the three most important laws that regulate discrimination in employment? Who is protected by each, and what rights do employers still maintain when it comes to making decisions about employees?

5. Describe the differences in the legal processes involving disparate treatment and disparate impact complaints in terms of both the employee’s initial complaint and the employer’s response.

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