Week 5

Assignment ContentCreate an annotated bibliography of educational resources for teaching science in the pre-K through Grade 3 classroom.Include 5 student-focused and 5 teacher-focused resources from the following sources:BooksTechnology that provides alternative ways for young learners to demonstrate competencyMultimedia materials (including web-based or videos)ArticlesProfessional and community resourcesInclude a minimum of two technology resources and two professional or community resources.Use APA style to set up your annotated bibliography by following these guidelines:Begin each annotation with the reference in APA format.List all annotations in alphabetical order by author.Block indent all annotations.In the annotation for each resource, be sure to:Explain how content and skill development can be supported by the resources.Evaluate the resources for quality, accuracy, and effectiveness.Evaluate the resources as support for analysis, reflection, and problem-solving.Consider the diversity of your young learners, including English learners and students with exceptional needs, when selecting your resources.

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