week 4 discussion darrel hicks

Respond by Day 5 suggesting additional steps that might be effective in bringing about necessary changes in individual and group viewpoints and behaviors.

Respond to Darrel as if you’re having a conversation with him. A few sentences and a question.


Culture exists in all sectors that fall under the scope of the justice system. Culture in departments or agencies can differ from place to place because of duties associated with positions, the power held by individuals in positions, and several other important factors that may cause those in specific sectors to separate themselves or be separated by the public due to beliefs or cultural values. In most cases, citizens hold officers to higher standards. Generally, society feels that it is a cultural duty that police officers treat members of society with respect and conduct duties associated with their job in a fair, unbiased manner. Malmin (2012) states that due to their position’s officers have the ability, “to either represent or misrepresent those values and ethics of democratic government” (Malmin, 2012, para. 2) which makes them and the power they hold even more important in society. Police departments also have a subculture that is separate from the overall public and other agencies. Subcultures can differ from the department and depend greatly on the structure of the department. Research indicates that components of the separate police subculture include “socialization, isolation and the code” (Sage Publishing Inc., 2017, pg. 177). The following components contribute to the overall development of the culture of the department:

1). Socialization – socializing with others “creates the “blue fraternity,” begins at the police academy.” (Sage Publishing Inc., 2017, pg. 177)

2). Isolation – us vs. them thinking occurs

3). The code – “Protective, supportive, and shared attitudes, values, understanding, and views of the world associated with the police society” (Sage Publishing Inc., 2017, pg. 177)

Positive and negative effects of the individualize subculture can exist. Two positive aspects of the individualized subculture is 1). The sense of togetherness and 2). The respect that officer generally have for each other despite differences that may exist. Two negative aspects, according to Malmin (2012) of the individualized subculture are the following: 1). “ the police subculture leads officers to fear that expressing any emotional or mental turmoil will label them as weak” (Maliman, 2012, para. 19) and 2). “It promotes secrecy, distrust, and duplicity” (Maliman, 2012, para. 19). Since most agencies in society have individualized subculture the individualized subculture by officers is acceptable only if it does not interfere with them performing their duties honestly, unbiased, and fairly at all times.

Challenges to changing such negative aspects of the individualized culture that would benefit the community and officers include developing peer support systems inside and outside of the agency to help cope with incidents, small and large, as they occur. Another change that could occur is to have wellness resources (Spiritual counseling, professional counseling, and other resources as well) readily available (some mandatory situations may exist when it will be required for officers to use such services, i.e., the death of a family member, the death of a fellow officer, and other critical situations as they may occur) for officers or personnel of the department.

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Darrel Elese Hicks

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