Week 4 Assignment

To begin this Assignment, select an organization of your choice that meets one of the following requirements:An organization you have worked for and are familiar with its performance management system (PMS)An organization about which enough literature has been published to describe the current state of its PMSTo complete this Assignment, use HR related sites to conduct research on current performance management instruments and methods. Then, prepare a report for the HR Director of your selected organization that recommends implementing a new HR instrument or method to improve the current performance management system. Be sure your recommendation responds to the following bullets with in a 2 page paper in APA format.Evaluate how well the performance management system works with its current instruments and methods (i.e., is it aligned with the type of workers, hierarchy, structure, goals, missions, values, and vision?).Assess the positives and negatives of the current system.Compare 3 different instruments or methods you found during your research and highlight the unique contribution of each.Finalize your recommendation to the HR Director and justify why your selected instrument or method would improve the current performance management system.

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