Week 3 Writing Notebook

Each week you will have an opportunity to practice different aspects of the writing process in this writing notebook. It consists of a template you will fill out and submit in Canvas. In addition to introducing and practicing targeted components of the writing process, these notebooks are meant to help you to determine your own strengths and identify opportunities for growth.This week, the writing notebook focuses on how to analyze your audience to communicate most effectively to them.Before you begin this week’s writing notebook, read theConsidering Your Audience(Links to an external site.)webpage in the Writing Center as well as theAudience Analysis Worksheet(Links to an external site.).In the Week 3 Writing Notebook you willAnalyze to determine audience and select effective writing strategies.Follow the steps outlined below to complete this week’s writing notebook:Download the Week 3 Writing Notebook Template below, which has been provided for you in both a Word document and a PDF file.Week 3 Writing Notebook Templatedownload(PDF)Week 3 Writing Notebook Templatedownload(Word)Please note that you can choose to print out the template and mark it up as long as you can scan it back into your computer for submission in Canvas by Day 7.Complete all steps of the Audience Analysis Worksheet in the Week 3 Writing Notebook.

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