web site html css

In this assignment you will create a web page about your favorite TV show of all-time and link it to an external style sheet to apply a few CSS rules to it. Follow the steps below to complete the assignment.

  • Create an external style sheet using a text editor of your choosing. In the CSS file add the following style rules:
    • Entire document should have a black background color
    • All text color on the page should be white
    • All heading elements should have a background color of red
    • All paragraph elements should have a font size of 16px
    • Create a class to make only <li> elements that are descendants of a <ul> element appear bold
  • Save this style sheet as styles.css
  • Create a web page about your favorite TV show using the HTML 5 template as a starting point. The web page should be linked to the styles.css style sheet. The web page needs to have the following content:
    • The show name in a <h1> tag
    • The number of seasons the show ran, or has currently completed in a <h3> tag
    • A description of the show in a paragraph
    • A div with the class you created above that contains an unordered list of the show’s lead actors
    • A hyperlink to a site about the show
    • At the bottom of the page include an email hyperlink to your email address
    • Somewhere in your code place an HTML comment with your name, assignment name, and date
  • Save this web page as tvshow.html
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