W7: Organizational Change: Case Study – Leading Change

MGT-466 Organizational Change

Week 7 – Case Study – Leading Change



Two Parts to this assignment:

Part I:

Answer the DQ in 50 words or more (be specific):

Describe the leadership of a professional or personal organization to which you belong in terms of the five core leadership tasks discussed in your textbook. Is the leadership shared among several people or implemented by just one person? What would you say are the strengths and weaknesses of the leader(s) with respect to change in the organization?

Part II:

Read “Employee First, Customer Second: Vineet Nayar Transforms HCL Technologies” attached.

Read at least two scholarly articles that address effective organizational leadership generally, or at HCL Technologies specifically.

Write a paper of approximately 800 words that answers the following questions:

Include a minimum of two scholarly sources.

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