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Virtual Tour: Louvre Museum, The Coronation of Napoleon

JOURNAL PROMPT: Neo-classical artist, Jacques-Louis David once said: “What is fiction to the historian, is an incontestable fact for the painter or poet.” In his Coronation painting, David included untruthful elements to make a better story. Emperor Napoleon wanted this painting to send a message of a unified and perfect Empire.

Discuss the following in your entry – use examples and details. You can copy the sections below and answer beneath each section if that will help you stay organized.

  • What elements of the image are fiction? Discuss specific details, give examples.
  • Why would a political leader and an artist fabricate an event?
  • Relate it to our world: How and why do contemporary political leaders and artists/photographers/journalists manipulate images to communicate specific meanings – truthful or not? Use an example.
  • Cite an academic source (see VTJE general instructions). Use the library, find a scholarly article; no websites, no tour site, no textbook or Bible.

Link to tour in case above link doesn’t work:

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