video disscussion

Answer the questions minimum of 120 words per answer

1.(regarding What’s An American?): Do you think there is a double standard between white immigration and brown immigration? Support your answer with information found in the video.

2.(regarding What’s An American?): Think back to the Media from Discussion #5 “Constructing A Terrorist Threat” and how it ties into the video “What is an American?”

What is the relationship between hostility and fear? How do these 2 videos examine the differences between these two behaviors? Explain.

3.(regarding Lil Pump & Kanye West): Why do you think this song generated 133 million views one week after it was released? Why do you think this song is now at 487 million views?

4. (regarding Lil Pump & Kanye West): As easy as it is to perceive this song as “offensive” and/or “degrading” toward women, how would you argue that this type of music is empowering to them? Explain.

5. (regarding Joyner Lucas): What point is Joyner Lucas making in his song, and how is he using perspective and emotion to make his point?

6.(regarding Joyner Lucas): How does this song illustrate Old-Fashioned and Contemporary forms of prejudice? Explain.

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