us history creating republican governments 1776 1790 treaties essay

Required elements:

  • Name of the treaty you are writing about (Intro paragraph with your roadmap of where you will be guiding me in the essay)
  • A summary of the treaty (the issues that the treaty is meant to address) (Main Body)
  • Any controversy surrounding the treaty (conflicts of interest by either side or both – think about family ties/relationships) (Main Body)
  • An overview of how well the treaty has been honored (Main Body)
  • Assessment (do you think that the terms of the treaty are fair? Why/Why not?) (Conclusion, use supporting evidence to strengthen your reasoning)


  • Links within the website are important to your analysis and Critical Thinking/Evidence-Based Claims response.
  • This is a Critical Thinking/Evidence-Based Claims essay
  • Proper Citations are required.
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