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Prior to joining college I had heard about criminology. Being my area of choice to study I college, I heard learned that criminology is a subject that deals with the study of social justice. I had the idea that criminology deals with issues related to crime and other concerns in the contemporary society. Besides, I knew that criminology deals with governance, intersection of human rights and administration of justice. Also, I knew that criminology had some relations with other subjects such as political science, law, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology and medicine.

Going through the course has given more ideas on criminology. I have learned that criminology is the scientific study of crime, the causes of crime, responses of crime by bodies asked with law enforcement and the methods that can be used to prevent crime. Besides, the relationship between criminology and sociology has dawned to me. The application of criminology to fields such as psychology, statistics, psychiatry, anthropology, biology, and economics has been elaborated well in this course. In the course I have learned the various subgroups of criminology such as: penology, feminist criminology, biocriminology and criminalistics.

I have achieved the outcomes intended for this course. The course has sharpened and improved my critical thinking skills. Besides, this cause has given me a deeper view and understanding of criminology. I feel I have fully attained the goals and objectives of the course.

However, the history of criminology and theories that led to its development is an area that I will need to revisit. These are some of the areas I covered during my first week of study and being theoretical only was not interesting to read and research about. This will give me deeper understanding on how criminology came into existence. Nevertheless, discussions and collaborations with other learners have helped me enjoy and diversify my view on course. Besides, the discussions have sharpened my communication skills and in particular my oratory skills. Being challenged by other students has made the course more interesting.

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