Unit 5 accident investigation quiz

Question 1What is the first step in barrier analysis?formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”1″,name:”mc-ans-_113966500_1″}));Identify the hazard and the target.Identify barriers that failed.Identify the significant events.Identify the barriers not used.Question 2Which type of barrier analysis works best for accident investigations?formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”2″,name:”mc-ans-_113966501_1″}));Energy trace and barrier analysis (ETBA)Barrier and control analysis (BCA)Job safety analysisHazard-barrier-target (HBT) analysisQuestion 3Which of the following is an example of a soft barrier?formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”3″,name:”mc-ans-_113966502_1″}));Respiratory protectionWelding apronStandard operating procedurePressure release valveQuestion 4Change analysis is most useful for which type of accident?formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”4″,name:”mc-ans-_113966503_1″}));Accidents involving routine tasksAccidents involving fatalitiesComplex accidentsProperty damage accidentsQuestion 5What are the two products of barrier analysis?formCheckList.addElement(new Check_Answer({ref_label:”5″,name:”mc-ans-_113966504_1″}));Hazards and targetsTargets and barriersChart and analysis worksheetWorksheet and report

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