unit 2 written assignment psyc

You probably already wrote this for the other student we all seem to have the same class. For developmental psyc. I need it written in essay format with cites, it can be the same document because i can always change around some words. I need an answer by 5 pm eastern standard time 7/24/2015 IN the USA. Thanks so much!! Same book and everything for child hood development reach out to me and i will give you book and such links.

Written Assignment 2: Option 1   3-4 pages single spaced

Chapter 5 describes the physical development of the infant during the 1st two years, and Web links include a number of sites that focus on the developing brain, and nutritional and health needs of infants and children. During this period of rapid growth, the brain will reach 75% of its adult size with a dramatic growth in connections, especially in the sensory systems. Video lesson 5, “The First Two Years: Biosocial Development,” highlights the connection between normal physical growth and a supportive social environment, including critical periods of brain development.

  1. Describe the ways in which the brain changes or matures during infancy, and discuss the role of experience in this process.
  2. Describe the basic pattern of sensory and motor skill development during this period, and discuss variations in timing of acquisition of these skills.
  3. Describe the nutritional needs of infants, and discuss the causes and effects of malnutrition.
  4. The obstetrician, Dr. Christiane Northrop, M.D., states in her 1998 book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,  Mothers have often told me that they did not intend to nurse precisely because they had to go back to work in six weeks. List 7 advantages of breast milk which are cited in Chapter 5 (p. 159) of the textbook. What are the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding breast-feeding? What are some of the issues and options regarding breast feeding in public? Can you think of any ways to make breast-feeding easier for today’s mothers, especially for those who have to return to work? example.docx

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