Unit 1 Assignment: Professional Organizations

Unit 1 Assignment: Professional Organizations In this Assignment, you will need to visit the website of a professional organization s associated with the training and development field. These organizations include the Association for Talent Development, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the International Society for Performance Improvement. Select one of these organizations and write a 900-words (3-page) paper. 1. What is the name of the professional organization you selected? 2. What is the purpose of the professional organization? 3. What educational and professional development activities, such as online courses, programs, and certifications, are offered to members? 4. What professional magazine and journal subscriptions are offered to members? 5. What networking opportunities are offered to members? 6. What other interesting products, services, or opportunities are there that make this professional organization unique or special, given your particular career interests and goals? 7. How would this professional organization be advantageous for someone who is in the position of training and development specialist? Use the following headers to organize your paper:  Organization  Organizational Purpose  Education and Development  Publications  Networking  Products/Services  Advantages NOTE: If you elect to use the course text as a reference, take care to use quotation marks for direct quotations; for example, “Training and development can help a company’s competitiveness by directly increasing the company’s value through contributing to intangible assets” (Noe, 2017, p. 17). NOTE: If you use the course text as a reference and elect to paraphrase, take care to cite properly. Here is an example of paraphrasing with correct citation: Intangible assets are important for any company. One way their value can be increased is a strategic use of training and development (Noe, 2017). Assignment Requirements Answers contain sufficient information to adequately answer the questions and contain no spelling, grammar, or APA errors. Points deducted from grade for each writing, spelling, or grammar error are at your instructor’s discretion. Review the grading Rubric below before beginning this Assignment.

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