Understanding Behavioral Approach

Using insights cited from the Kouzes and Posner (2017), and Northouse (2016) readings in Unit 3, compose a 4-5-pages APA 6th edition compliant paper in which you will: 1. Assess the results you gained based on the responses to the questionnaire (page 88-89). Then, evaluate your present leadership behavior style. 2. Read and evaluate the leadership scenario in Case 4.1 and Case 4.2. Utilize the questions at the end of each scenario to structure your assessment of the leadership that is exhibited in each case. 3. Use the results and insights you have gained in knowing more about your own leadership behavior style to identify and describe how you would have acted differently than the leader in each of the cases you analyzed. Assess specific strengths and weaknesses of this model of leadership based on historical and contemporary leadership models. 4. Based on your new insights and appreciation of a behavioral approach, what specific actions can you take to implement this style into your own leadership skills in your current or future career.

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