under an hour timeline

This is an essay exam and the time limit is an hour so I will post the questions when you place your bid on the question so please be ready to get going. If you complete it before 1030 central standard time I will put a large tip onto the amount. thank you and here is a summary of what it will be on.

The exam will consist of two short answer responses to images from Alexie’s book and an essay question. The essay question will ask you to define Treuer’s borderland concept (first page of his book) and apply it to education opportunities. Use specific instances from class materials to prove your stance on how the borderland effects education. You can use the film First Speakers, Alexie’s book, or Treuer’s book, or you can use a combination of sources. For the short answer section, you will be asked to analyze two images from Alexie’s text. The images will ask you to discuss how circumstances and opportunities might lead to misunderstandings between differing cultures.

In addition to the exam, you need to complete your media analysis essay. Review the assignment sheet carefully to make sure you meet the minimum requirements. Please be sure to document all source material to avoid plagiarism. If you have any questions about MLA documentation do not hesitate to ask. I advise you not to wait until the last day to ask your questions. I check my email multiple times a day throughout the week, but only periodically on the weekend. If you email a question on Sunday afternoon, for example, there is a chance it might go unanswered until Monday. If you haven’t started your essay yet, start early in order to get any questions answered.

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