two page research paper on a historical event

In this exercise, you will develop practice using research methods to complete a two-page research paper on an historical event. Choose an event that is of interest to you and that has an appropriate scope for a two-page paper. Some examples might be specific historical figures, a specific battle in a war, a specific election, an assassination or attempt, etc. Use the research strategies to plan the essay, narrow the topic appropriately, and collect research on the event. Your paper should include the following:

  • At least one primary source; locate a primary source that was developed at the time the event took place, and use and cite the source in the essay.
  • At least two additional sources; the additional sources can be secondary sources and should be used and cited in the essay.
  • An introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion that describe, analyze, and discuss the significance of the event.
  • A full reference page and in-text citations for each of the sources should be included.
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