tricky kinematic equations practice problem about a paramecium traveling in a straight line basic physics

A paramecium travels a total distance of 130 μm along a straight line, starting and ending at rest. For a brief time during this trip it accelerates from rest at a constant acceleration to a speed of 20 μm/s and for another brief time near the end, it decelerates (with the same magnitude of acceleration, but in the opposite direction) coming to rest after the total distance traveled. The total trip time is 7.5s.

a. Find the time during which the paramecium accelerates

b. Find the time during which it decelerates

c. Find the paramecium’s acceleration

d. Find the fraction of the distance traveled at constant velocity

Handwritten is fine, but please write clearly as I’m struggling to understand the topic. This is in an introductory college physics class, we’re just wrapping up with kinematic equations. Thanks!

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