Transportation logistics

Transporting wind turbines is an oversized challenge. Whether domestically manufactured or built overseas, the process to reach the final wind farm destination while meeting the Seven Rs of Logistics is an enormous undertaking.

Read this article and address the following questions in a 3-page APA formatted paper.

McCormick, C. (2013).
Delivering the wind. Canadian Transportation & Logistics, 116(5), 22-24.

  • Identify 5-7 possible delays that could occur with the various modes of transportation (train, truck, and ocean vessel) for wind turbine units (WTGs) in transit.
    • Describe each possible delay clearly.
  • Explain how a delay in one mode/segment of the WTGs transportation sequence can negatively impact the productivity of a wind farm under construction?
    • What can managers do to alleviate this negative impact?
  • Consider the investment required to move WTGs. Imagine a change is implemented in product design to WTG blades that are now 10% longer.
    • How does this change impact the transport of the blade?
    • Be specific as to each mode/segment impacted and what additional investment may be required to adapt to the new design.
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