1. Transfer of Training: What can be done to increase the likelihood of transfer of training if the work environment conditions are unfavorable and cannot be changed? Information on this is provided in Chapter 5.2. Laws relating to affirmative action are based on “righting past wrongs, namely slavery and segregation for African-Americans and discrimination for all persons of color.     There is no serious debate regarding the wrongs of the past or the continuing negative effects of these “wrongs” on communities of color.There is serious debate regarding what might be the best way to try to address the historical wrongs, affirmative action certainly being one of many possible options.   If you were tasked with recommending what you believe the most effective, single strategy might be, what would you recommend.3. You are the hiring partner of a rapidly growing tech company, specializing in “new apps.”    Your basic organizational model is teams of five.   To try to ensure that all new hires will be a good “fit,” all applicants are required to take the Myer-Briggs personality test, first developed in the mid-Twentieth Century.   After two years of use (and screening about 200 applicants), statistics demonstrated that, while 90% of native-born Americans received satisfactory scores, only 50% of immigrants received satisfactory scores.  If sued by some of the disappointed applicants, what would be one of the key legal issues in the case?

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