To discuss examples of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Triple Bottom Line.

Assignment: Write a two paragraph or longer response to the following question – Can you describe a company that you believe engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Does the company make a commitment to the Triple Bottom Line, or does the company have more modest objectives?

Your short essay answer should focus on a company that demonstrates a principle of Corporate Social Responsibility. The company may be attempting to improve on the Triple Bottom Line, or they may only be focused on a narrow interpretation of Corporate Social Responsibility. Your task will be to find a company that engages in CSR and/or sustainability initiatives.

Then, read and post a reply to two of your classmates regarding their thoughts on Corporate Social Responsibility. Do you agree or disagree with your classmate’s interpretation of their company’s corporate social responsibility initiative? Why or why not? What thoughts can you share with your classmates regarding their description of corporate social responsibility at their described company?

Rule: Post one (1) original thread and two (2) replies to other threads for a total of three (3) posts on the discussion board. Your original thread must be unique to you and your company’s circumstances.

Rule: Only one post per company.Your post must be a unique company not discussed by any other post on this discussion board. Please discuss only one company in your post in order to give everyone a chance to focus on a single company in their example.

Example: Frog’s Leap Winery had hosted a Sustainable Wine Grower’s conference each year since 2006. The company had also engaged in a number of sustainability initiatives, including solar panels for electricity and geothermal power generation. The company also provided full-time, year-round employment and benefits for all of their winery personnel. Thus, the company focused on “people, planet and profit” in their ongoing activities. While the company’s dryland farming initiatives may be under pressure due to an ongoing California drought, Frog’s Leap Winery had demonstrated an ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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