this will be more like the game show quot what s my line quot to see how well everyone was able to discern between the roles of women in the 3 asian religions daoism confucianism and buddhism

This will be more like the game show, “What’s my line?” to see how well everyone was able to discern between the roles of women in the 3 Asian religions: Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

QUESTION: For your initial post you will describe one of the women you read about over the last few weeks WITHOUT SAYING WHICH RELIGION she is actually a part of. USE YOUR OWN words to describe the situation/event/expectations of ONE of the 19 different stories or descriptions about women. Can you discern a bit about her personality, her frame of mind, her behavior/demeanor? The really short stories will offer those of you up for the challenge, a chance to logically fill in what is suggested womanly behavior in the overall religion but not stated specifically in the writing. Some of the “women” are not distinct individuals but roles like wife, daughter or mother. You will need to be very descriptive in your writing as just saying the woman is subservient to men would cover many of the women we will read about this semester. (Where is this person? In a family home, restaurant, hole in the ground, cave, monastery, etc. Is she alone? Is she calm, angry, peaceful, happy, etc.) You may use one short quote (10 or fewer words), something specific the woman says but no more than 1 quote in your whole post.

For your response to another student…find one that has not already been responded to and clarify what story and religion you think they are describing as well as WHY you understand it to be that particular religion, what gave it away. You will then go back after October 13th but before the 20th and reply yes or no to the person who responded to you to let them know if they got the right answer or not.


The initial post will only have to be minimum of 150 words but as long as you need. Your RESPONSE must be a minimum of 250 words.


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