this week we are going to explore research related to ethical scenarios 1

This week, we are going to explore research related to ethical scenarios.

Please be sure to utilize the AAA and BNA resources provided in our course to assist you in answering the scenarios below. It is important to learn how to explore these two resources as they will be used in future classes for coursework and also in your career for your employer. Thank you!

Please review the ethical scenarios below and select one for your posting.


You are a partner in a medium-size CPA firm. One of your clients, Paul Garcia, who owns PG Corporation, has indicated a desire to report higher net income for his business this year because the company plans to apply for a loan at the bank. In an effort to increase reported net income, Mr. Garcia has told his accounting department to book immediately some large sales for which contracts have been signed but for which the goods will not be manufactured or shipped until after the first of the year. Write a memo to Mr. Garcia concerning your position on this issue.


In the process of completing a tax return, your client, Sam Rhodes, refused to provide evidence to support some rather large deductions for business travel, saying, “Oh, I don’t know about receipts. Just put it down and if and when the IRS questions me, I’ll worry about receipts then.”

Write a memo to Mr. Rhodes explaining why you cannot prepare a tax return showing these deductions unless he can provide the receipts. Remember the importance of tact and diplomacy in an awkward situation such as this. Use the proper format, effective organization, and appropriate style. Invent any information you feel is necessary to make your memo complete.


As the newly appointed CFO of Celebrity Manufacturing, Inc., a medium-size publicly traded company doing business in North America and Europe, you have decided to further the development of a code of ethical conduct for accounting and finance employees in the company. Write a memo to members of upper management encouraging them to attend a meeting on September 12th to organize a task force that will write the code. Explain why you think the development of such a code is desirable.

As noted in our syllabus, this term, we are going to learn the importance of writing in the world of accounting. In the professional accounting environment, a critical part of the communication process is collaboration and peer review. Collaboration and peer review provide opportunities for active learning and more meaningful results.

Collaboration will help you:

Understand writing as a public, shared event.

Develop a sense of audience.

Support your findings and defend your point of view.

Write professionally and with purpose.

With this in mind, we are going to take a collaborative approach in our discussion boards this term to give you some practice learning in the collaborative environment. The collaborative environment in our class this term will be somewhat different than what you have experienced in past courses. You will note several of the discussion boards require you to select a scenario and provide a related communication. This will serve as your initial posting to the discussion board.

For your peer postings, you will be asked to review the written communications from your fellow students and provide insightful, constructive feedback to help them improve their writing skills.

Please review the attached document to assist you in preparing your peer input.

Collaborative Approach Overview.docx

peer review checklist example.docx

It is important to remember the collaborative approach is meant to help you learn from your own writings and the writings of others. Our class is a safe place to help you improve your writing. The more practice and input you receive, the more confident you will become in your writing abilities.

Please note scholarly research is required for your initial posting and in your peer postings to earn maximum points. Thank you!

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