this journal is based on your assigned reading

This journal is based on your assigned reading from Mark’s Gospel (Mark 1-3) and should also rely on your background reading from Powell (Introducing the New Testament).

Click on the Journal to see your writing prompt.

If you are unsure how to find or reference biblical chapters and verses, please watch this video.

This journal is due Monday.


  • Journals are an opportunity for you to process some of what you are learning and demonstrate to me that you are engaged with the reading material.
  • Please post a minimum 300 word response to each prompt by midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on March 26.
  • Your journal entries should be organized, well-written and proofread. Think of each of these as a very brief paper. You will lose points for misspelled words, lack of capitalization, repetition of ideas, lack of organization, or lack of minimum word count.
  • Note: Your journals should not be personal faith statements but should demonstrate engagement with a biblical text in an academic setting. In other words, do not tell me what you believe; tell me what you are learning.

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