The US Drug War and the Mexican Drug Cartels

1) Elaborate on the key individuals associated with the “coca leaf” and the discover of alkaloids, medicinal uses, illicit usage, and transportation associated with the “coca leaf” or “cocaine” from the mid-1800s through World War II.

2) Please discuss the presence of Hezbollah in the TBA (Tri-Border Area of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina; also, discuss Operation Titan and the results.

3) Please discuss in detail Mexico’s Drug Trafficking Organizations, their geographical areas of dominance, and the four drug trafficking organizational typologies as described by Mexican drug trafficking expert and author June S. Beittel.

4) Please define, describe, and discuss what is meant by “A Line in the sand.” Then, summarize the Majority Report by the United States House Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Management.” Your conclusion should provide some solution to the problem of southwest border security and illegal narcotics.

Directions: Your responses to each of the FOUR QUESTIONS should be between 600-800 words, cited and referenced in accordance with APA 6th Edition Publication Manual formatting. Each response is to be written in a academic and scholarly way that is compatible with graduate school coursework.

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