the reintroduction of formerly indigenous species such as grizzly bears and wolfs into some states how it benefits controls ecosystem balances nature etc

This is an argumentive paper on Re-introduction of formerly indigenous predatory species. For Example: Grey Wolves brought back to the Western States

My example why i chose this topic. I have chosen the topic of the re-introduction of formerly indigenous species. The reason I have chosen this topic is because I believe that re-introducing an indigeneous species such as grizzly bears and wolfs are vital in controlling overpopulation of other species such as deer and elk. An example of this would be re-introducing wolfs into an area to curb the overpopulation of deer and elk since they may now be causing a problem within the ecosystem. I personally, think that re-introducing a formly indigenous species would help combat this problem with overpopulation and return both species to a natural healthy state where both can co-exist once again and the once almost extinct species in that area can begin to grow and thrive.

Needs organized sources, including quotes and or pharaphrase with references page citations

Reutation and support ofimportant, relevant, and current topic with sources.

The bare minimum of sources/ citation is 4 the more though the better 6+

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