the paper is a research paper about toyota company i have listed all the sections so the writer get an idea of how it is i only need section 4 the one in bold and highlighted

Toyota Research Paper Outline

(Paper should have a cover page. Include: Course Spring Semester 2019, students involved in creation of the paper.)

Section 1 Introduction (6-7 pages)

  • Report on the current information on Toyota
  • State headquarters, CEO, sales, % of US market share
  • North American plant locations (Use visual)
  • Insert a 5 year stock chart, compare stock chart vs. SP 500.
  • Touch on history
  • Briefly discuss the key “Shakers and Movers” that helped form Toyota

Section 2 Global Operations Strategy (6-8 pages)

  • Define operations strategy in your textbook and apply to Toyota
  • How does Toyota deliver value to customers?
  • What are the core competencies of Toyota?
  • Discuss global locations of Toyota.
  • Go into depth on one emerging market for Toyota
  • What competitive priorities does Toyota compete on?
  • Discuss Toyota product development strategies (Hybrid, Mirai, joint venture
  • Analyze and provide your advice to Toyota on their global strategy.
  • Briefly review recent issues Toyota has faced and how they worked through

with Mazda)

these issues.

Section 3 Lean Manufacturing (8-9 pages)

  • Define lean manufacturing and describe how Toyota uses it to reduce wastes and streamline their processes. Include the types of waste.
  • Explain 5s and cite examples.
    • Seiri: to separate needed tools, parts, and instructions from unneeded materials and to remove the unneeded ones.
    • Seiton: to neatly arrange and identify parts and tools for ease of use.
    • Seiso: to conduct a cleanup campaign.
    • Seiketsu: to conduct seiri, seiton, and seiso daily to maintain a workplace in perfect condition.
    • Shitsuke: to form the habit of always following the first four S’s.
  • Explain differences between “Pull” and “Push” manufacturing systems.
  • Does Lean lead to Green? Discuss Toyota Green Strategies (Sustainability / Environment). Has this been effective for them?

Section 4 Supply Chain Management and Environmental Performance (6-8 pages)

  • Explain the Just In Time supply chain that Toyota uses.
  • What challenges does Toyota face in their supply chain?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of JIT.
  • Cite specific examples of how the supply chain can be interrupted and impact to normal operations.
  • What concerns do you have in the future for Toyota supply chain?

APA Sourcing Style: Use APA for sourcing your paper.

Remember if you paraphrase information – source it. If you are copying word for word from your source – put quotes around the section then source it.

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